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Triangle Roofing Company’s   commercial grade system offers a complete line of low slope roofing manufacturers guarantee. Whether your in Phoenix or upper Arizona our commercial roofing contractors maintenance warranty covers you.

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Commercial Grade Roofing

Whether your in the metro Phoenix area or statewide Arizona. Triangle Roofing Company has you covered. With new or a replacement, you can count on our professionals to install a commercial grade roof system that meets your requirements.

Our commercial grade roofing systems including copper, shingle, foam, tile, metal, roof coatings and single-ply systems including EPDM, TPO, and PVC materials. We can also manufacture and install trim, wall caps, flashing, pitch pockets, and related roof system accessories for upper Arizona snow loads or for the expansion and contraction in the Phoenix area.

One call to our roofing company’s staff, can start the process to resolve your problems and focus your time on running your business.

Elastomeric coating is our most popular low slope products in Phoenix.

We install statewide Arizona commercial rated single-ply roofing systems by leading commercial grade manufacturers including Carlisle, GAF, GenFlex, Firestone,Polyglass and Versico.

These manufacturers offer dependable, long-lasting products for flat to low sloped commercial and industrial roof projects. Depending upon your needs and your budget we can help you select the best product for your facility. You can choose from a variety of foam and coating systems, EPDM, TPO and PVC membranes that offer long-term performance in any climate.

As part of your project we may be able to provide high performance insulation systems that provide cost savings while reducing energy consumption. In any event we have a product to solve your flat roof (low slope) needs.

Our commercial grade line of shingle roofing products from top manufacturers including GAF. From conventional three tab shingles to architectural shingle we have what you need for your commercial shingle project. As a full service roofing company we can replace worn out ridge vents, valley flashing and related roofing items. Our professionals can complete tear off or overlay projects quickly and efficiently with minimal disruptions to your property.

Whether it’s a new construction project or a maintenance project requiring removal and replacement, we can provide commercial grade metal or copper gutter systems and downspouts.

We offer a variety of finishes ranging from pre-finished polyester paint to specialty finishes like aged bronze or copper materials. We have several options on colors, sizes and profiles that work with most commercial grade and industrial grade applications.

A roof that appears flat and most often found on commercial buildings is called a low-slope roof. No Arizona roof should be actually "flat" - though one might think that from the ground. Every roof is designed to have an intentional drainage design for water. Problems with low slope roofing are common and usually more difficult to diagnose.  

Most often the leak area is not located where the water is appearing in a building. Your commercial grade roof should have NO areas of ponding water.  ponding water is always a sure sign of a future problem and can be caused by sagging roof decking or poor drainage planning.

Triangle Roofing commercial craftsmen-orientated roofers have been repairing and installing commercial grade low slope roofing for decades in Arizona. 

We have witnessed  many interesting issues!  Old buildings, new construction, remodels, you name it, when it comes to commercial grade roofing in Phoenix, Arizona we've done it...And with outstanding results.  We have very strong long running relationships with the best commercial grade manufacturers. This provides you with an assurance of high quality work and the best guarantees.

Get the best guarantees, quality and value from Phoenix Arizona' #1 Roofing Contractor for your commercial grade roof project. 

Call Triangle Roofing and ABC Roofing Supply Phoenix Arizona specials today for a free estimate.

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