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Flat Roof

A flat roof is the generic term for roofing materials installed on low-slope surfaces. Traditionally, Foam, Built Up or Tar and Gravel are usually installed. They are slowly being replaced by modern flat roofs such as Polyurethane Foam, Modified Bitumen and Single Ply.

Flat Roof Leaks

The life expectancy of a Phoenix flat roof is highly dependent to the roof maintenance done on it. 10 years is an average life cycle. Maintenance includes repairing flat roof leaks and correcting issues such as alligatoring, crazing and ponding water as quickly as possible.

Scottsdale Flat Roof Coating

Scottsdale Coating  - Your Environmentally Friendly, Energy Saving Answer to a Leaking Flat Roof that Wastes Energy

Flat roof coating give the building owners a number of benefits including waterproofing the substrate, helping to prevent leaks, and creating more energy efficient interior climate control. A roof coating can be used for flat roof maintenance and flat roof repair. When used for building maintenance, coatings can qualify for a 100% tax deduction the first year!

Scottsdale has water-based and solvent-based flat roof coatings.

Types of Flat Roofs throwout the Phoenix market

Coal-Tar Built Up

Asphalt Built Up




Flat roofs



Modified Bitumen



Flat Roof Maintenance

Annual roof maintenance involves inspecting and repairing penetrations like vents, pipes or ductwork. These penetrations can open up and may need to be re-sealed periodically. Additionally, repairs seams and flashings should be made. Blisters or de-laminations should be cut off and repaired immediately since they will leak over time.

Fountain Hills Flat Roof Repair

Infrared thermography is usually performed on flat roofs to determine the presence of moisture before any repairs are made. The pictures are taken shortly after sunset. When the roof is cooling, wet spots under the roof, continue to emit heat.

Flat roof repair and restoration; usually involves pressure washing and the application of a roof coating. Coatings have become a very popular option for repairing Arizona flat roofs. Elastomeric coatings drastically reduce the heat build up on Arizona black flat roofs and extend the service life by 10 or more years.

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Scottsdale flat roofs need repairing before roofing coatings are installed to prevent roof maintenance and extends the roof life. Flat roof coating for foam, asphalt, metal, shingles, rolled and flat roofs.

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