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Serving your greater Phoenix roofing with foam, metal, tile and roof coatings for residential and commercial projects.

You may not know if you should be doing replacement, repair or restoration which can be done at a much lower cost. The experience of installing a new residential or commercial roof like yours is a once or possibly twice in a lifetime for you. For us it’s easy we do it everyday.

With our greater Phoenix roofing contractor site; it is our goal to provide you with information that both answers questions you may have on our restoration process. To prompt a possible new list of questions for other Phoenix roofing companies.

Regardless of which Greater Phoenix roofing contractor you select for your restoration or replacement project. Our hope is this information helps you make your experience as pleasant and satisfying as possible.

Triangle Roofing Company is an established greater Phoenix roofing contractor in Arizona since 1993 with our goal of providing affordable quality roof coating restorations. In our short history, we have established a reputation of complete customer satisfaction. Earned the respect of many of the established supply companies. That supply us with foam, metal, tile, and roof coatings for restorations across Arizona.

Quality can be defined as meeting or exceeding our customer expectations.

A greater value can be defined as providing our customers with satisfaction at competitive prices.

We evaluate the needs of your project by its history and characteristics and discuss your short and long term plans to determine options for your roof projects. To find the one that best suits your roof needs.

Each project is site-supervised by owner Eric Anderson to ensure total customer satisfaction.

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Your greater Phoenix Roofing Contractor installing foam, metal, tile, and roofing coatings for residential and commercial projects. Customer satisfaction is our goal with our established replacement and restoration projects.

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