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Your home improvement roofing company “Triangle Roofing Company” is a professionally licensed Arizona corporation. Offering foam, metal, tile, coatings and commercial roof maintenance statewide Arizona and residential in Phoenix. We are proficient at working with your property and project management firms since 1993.

With over twenty years of experience as your home improvement roofing company. Triangle Roofing Company has performed general consulting and project management in all types of commercial and residential roofs.

Our company was founded to offer a truly hometown feel. With an independent source for roof evaluations, technical specification preparation, material testing, and quality assurance management.

As your home town Arizona roofing contractor, we try to support all your local material manufacturers and roofing supply companies. This allows us to make decisions in the client’s best interests.

Through our home improvement roofing experience, we know the contracting and manufacturing communities and can bring those resources to your projects. Triangle Roofing Company offers in-house services with an accredited, full-time thermograph.

Just tell us where to go and what needs to be done, we’ll handle it in a professional manner.  

Please contact us if we can furnish additional information for your review.

Thank you for considering utilizing our home improvement roofing services.


Phoenix, AZ

Home improvement roofing company offers management services for your projects material integration and installation. Triangle Roofing Company integrates many different home improvement manufactures and suppliers systems.

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