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Many quality systems are available from Phoenix area roofing manufactures for Carefree, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Rio Verde and Tempe for residential and Arizona statewide for commercial roofing.

We are a one-stop roofing contractor capable of providing beginning-to-end Phoenix area service. You can contact us to select one of these foam, metal, tile and roof coating systems for installation.

Roofing area inspection

Inspecting the roof area depends on many factors such as the type of the system. Is it a pitched or flat roof residential or commercial roof area, the shape and complexity of the roof such as the number of gables, ridges, hips and valleys?

Supply and demand for Phoenix area roofing products has resin sharply due to all the storm damage. Plus the grade of the material selected by the customer, plus the number of stories of the building, the tearing-off the old area of roofing materials and hauling to the Phoenix area dump.

Plus any area that needs repair work to fix structural damage to meet or exceed Phoenix area roofing codes. Area regulatory requirements and permitting costs vary from city to city.

Additional enhancements such as concrete or clay tile, metal or copper in standing seam, shingle or Bermuda, one or more inches of foam, one or more coats of elastomeric coating should also be considered along with the existence of any promotional price discounts, such as “Coating for Cash” that are available at the time the services are ordered.

To prepare the initial estimate for your Phoenix area roofing. Triangle Roofing Company will do a cost analysis that will cover all local area roofing materials and labor cost. It is necessary to examine the architectural drawings for a inspection of an existing roof, taking all of these factors into account.

FREE Initial Cost Estimate

To allow customers to evaluate the cost and affordability of the roof installation and to prepare for obtaining financing, we will prepare a free initial cost estimate based on an initial inspection of the building area.

Roof Repair and Strengthening

Repair of existing roofs often require preparatory repairs to the underlying structure, including the removal of existing materials and the installation of new.

If the roof system is structurally sound, repairs may not be needed. Sometimes, customers may want to enhance their energy saving roof, with the addition of cool coating and other local natural resources. Foam insulations or various types of energy saving elastomeric coating. Great for the market, which are surprisingly inexpensive but effective gas and electric, money savers.

You can add new attic fans or intake and exhaust venting systems to reduce moisture and heat damage to your structure, further saving energy and home costs. The additions of conventional energy saving skylights or that tunnel through the attic to light up a dark area of the building with natural sunlight are wonderful additions that can save energy on your electricity bills.

New seamless gutters and downspouts are always a good option when installing a lifetime roof system. We will work with the customer to evaluate these needs and offer affordable alternatives that can offset the costs and help pay for your new roof system.

Design and Materials Selection

We have substantial experience in offering the best roofing materials that produce superior appearance, performance, and durability at minimum cost to you.

Triangle Roofing also has valuable links with the manufacturers of these materials that enable us to offer very competitive prices to you. We will assist you on the choices necessary to arrive at the best solution that meets all of your requirements.

Detailed Cost Estimate.

When you have decided on the basis of the initial cost estimated to proceed with the roof project. Triangle Roofing will prepare for the customer a detailed written agreement and price for installation.

Regulatory Permitting for;

Installations must comply with Phoenix area roofing energy ordinances and require government permits approving the work to be obtained from the relevant authorities.

Triangle Roofing Arizona system will prepare the necessary applications and will obtain the permits on your behalf. The cost involved in obtaining the permits will be included in the written agreement.

Roof Installation

The area will be installed by our trained work crews under the supervision of our experienced construction-crew leaders whom have been with us many years and are certified in the installation. Each roofer working under their supervision has been trained in the installation of the various types of foam, metal, tiles and roof coatings that we offer to our customers after careful selection to ensure superior performance and durability.

The work performed by our roofers is backed by our workmanship warranty, which supplements the manufactures materials warranty offered on the roofing products. Upon completion of the roof installation, there will be a walk-through inspection of the metal roof system as a part of our workmanship warranty.

Post-Installation Cleanup

The installation of a roof system requires the delivery of a large quantity of roofing materials and the generation of a large amount of construction debris. As a part of our service, we will arrange for the delivery of all construction materials to the work site, and will dispose of the generated waste materials in compliance with the local government regulations.

Arizona Contractor Warranty Issuance & Post-Installation Warranty Work

Upon completion of the work and final payment by the customer, we will issue to the customer the workmanship warranty from Triangle Roofing Company, and the manufacturer's warranty on the roofing materials.

Typically, a 5+year warranty, transferable to new owners, is offered by the Phoenix area roofing manufacturers and a half warranty by national manufactures.

Very rarely, it is necessary to perform repair or replacement work on the roof that is covered either by our workmanship warranty, or the manufacturer's materials warranty. If any such warranty work becomes necessary we will undertake and complete that work expeditious.

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If you are buying materials for your foam, metal, tile and roof coating outside the Phoenix area. Check the material warranty to ensure that you are covered for Phoenix area roofing installation.