Phoenix based commercial roofing contractor has statewide Arizona services. Our commercial estimates provided are based on the structure and surface area of your building's roof. Each and every roofing products specification.

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Phoenix Commercial Roofing

Arizona Commercial Services

A commercial roof estimate is the first step to a brand new roof for your building that will last for years to come. Triangle Roofing Company has been installing commercial roofs across Phoenix and Arizona statewide for almost two decades.

Triangle Roofing Company’s certified installers have years of experience and superior workmanship, exactly what you need for a professional commercial roofing contractor, reliable, and durable product installations. Our commercial system fits the unique challenges of your building from Phoenix to upper Arizona.

Commercial Roof Estimates

It all starts with a free commercial roof estimate!
Call to arrange yours today 602-The-Roof (Commercial roof estimates outside of the Metro Phoenix area may require a 24hr notice)

We have extensive experience with our commercial projects line of all sizes and specifications, and are thoroughly dedicated to our customers.

We understand how critical satisfied customers are to our business; between excellent customer services, a thorough understanding of the industry and a commitment to the highest level of professionalism in each and every job we're certain that we can take care of all of your commercial roofing needs. Give us a call today for your commercial estimate!

Commercial Roofing Materials

Only the most durable commercial roofing products

Triangle Roofing Company has been installing the same, high quality commercial membranes for nearly twenty years now.

Our preferred products are foam, metal, tile and roof coating are outstanding line of commercial products that's appropriate for just about any need there is. They can withstand a wide range of Phoenix temperatures, is resistant to fire, chemicals, grease and high winds, and doesn't easily rip or tear. We're committed to dealing with only the best products the Phoenix commercial roofing industry has to offer.

Our friendly staff is glad to provide a commercial estimate or answers to any questions that you might have.

Commercial Roofing Membrane

Custom solutions for your building

The commercial estimate we provide is based on the structure and surface area of your building's roof. Each and every membrane is prefabricated to Phoenix roofing specification or other Arizona climates, resulting in almost no need for custom joints and seams once the products are on-site.

With fewer joints and seams in your roof's weatherproofing products, normal wear and tear is far less likely to result in leaks or moisture damage. Prefabricating your roofing materials ensures an excellent fit that improves the longevity of your new roof.

If you have any questions or would like to get roof estimate today in Phoenix, next day service statewide Arizona, please give us a call at 602-The-Roof.

Products Surface

Triangle Roofing Company commercial installations are incredibly convenient and can take place during your work day without affecting your productivity. While the edging and some other certain components of your building's new commercial roof will be adhered using heat welding, the majority of your roofing products surface is attached mechanically.

This products are far from loud, does not use hot tar or other messy methods, and doesn't produce any hazardous or noxious fumes or smokes.

Our membranes can also be installed directly over old roofing with very little tear-off or removal of old products, thus eliminating loud falling debris often associated with new roof installations. You'll be surprised by our moderate roof estimate, and with such a simple installation process, you'll be glad you went with our products.

Commercial Roofing Products

Energy efficiency

Our cost efficiency doesn't end with our surprising roof estimate. The roofing that we install is incredibly energy efficient for Phoenix, which can have a great impact on your heating and cooling bills. Many of our roofing systems are designed to reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays in upper Arizona, which not only causes your building to absorb less heat, but also improves the life cycle of the roofing products.

While many generic brands of roofing products are pigmented to reflect much of the sun's UV rays, only the roofing membranes we install retain more than 85% of their original reflectivity more than three years after installation.

Give us a call to arrange your free Phoenix roof estimate today: 602-The-Roof

We have extensive experience installing and maintaining commercial membranes and other materials in Phoenix and statewide Arizona. We're experts in our field, committed to excellent roofing products, and absolutely dedicated to our customers and country.

We're sure that our roofing products are the perfect fit for your needs; give us a call today for answers to any questions that you may have!

We will provide your commercial roof estimate in Phoenix Arizona and surrounding areas including our daily specials:

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