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Several Roof Types Popular in Scottsdale, AZ 85250

If you’re thinking about installing a new shingle, foam, metal, tile, and roof coating in 85250. We have for you have lots of options in front of you. These days, you not only get to pick what color you want your roof to be, but also what material you want the roofers to use, and there are hundreds of options and combinations to select from. This quick guide can help you make sense of the five most popular roof types in 85250.

Scottsdale Asphalt Roof Shingles:
The go-to material for roofers in 85250 for years has been asphalt shingles, they are a good choice in a lot of different situations here in Scottsdale. Can be used under metal and tile roof for underlayment. Part of the reason these are so popular is that they cost very little to make and they’re easy to install. They work in almost any climate, and you can walk on them without damage. They come in almost all shapes and sizes these days, and no matter what the style of your Scottsdale ranch home, they’ll make the roof look great.

Wood Shakes Roofing:
Often cut from hand, these make an amazing roof on ranch houses, cottages, and bungalows. You just can’t beat these with any other synthetic roof material on the market, and some homeowners associations even require them. The real drawback here is that they’re very high maintenance. You can expect cracking and dry-wrought damage, and if you live in a dry area, you can bet you’re going to have problems with them. They also don’t usually meet local Scottsdale fire codes, and the cost is typically very high, up to $14 per square foot in some cases.

Clay Roof Tiles:
While these most popularly come in a natural red color, you can get as many colors as you like, and they’re very durable. The come in a number of different shapes, and they look best on Scottsdale style homes. They resist water, insects, rot, and fire, and they can last longer than 50 years. The drawback here, though, is that they’re very heavy, so additional roof support may need to be installed in your home if you go with this choice. Moreover, cost is a real factor with this choice. They can run up to $25 per square foot to install.

Slate Tiles:
These look like roof shingles, but you’re actually getting the durability of a rock with these. They come in natural colors, and they’re literally slivers of rock arranged in an appropriate pattern. They look great on older homes, as they’re a pretty authentic choice. They can last for years, but once they begin to go, repairs are going to cost a fortune. What’s more, though, is that roof tiles from the US are far more durable than those that are imported from other countries. Cost to install a roof usually runs around $20 to $35 per square foot. You can expect it to last up to 70 years once installed.

Metal Roofing:
There was a time when people in Scottsdale, AZ 85250 thought metal roofs were reserved for rural sheds and commercial buildings, but it’s growing in popularity even in residential areas. These look best on ranch houses or cottages, and they’re very durable. They’re also a lighter roof than you might imagine, so the chances are good that your house already has the support necessary for this type of roof. The lifespan is usually about 50 years before applying a new roof coating, and the cost to install can run up to $22 per square foot, depending on the complexity of your roof lines.

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Triangle Roofing Company of Scottsdale, AZ offers some of the most popular choices in shingles, metal , tile, foam and roof coatings on some types of ranch houses in 85250. Cost for a quality roof will range from 14-35.00 per square foot.

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