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Roofing Contractor in Phoenix

As a leading Roofing Contractor in Phoenix Triangle Roofing Company knows how important your roof is to your home or commercial building.

A leaking roof can result in damage throughout your home. Not only do you want to ensure that your roof can withstand the harsh weather conditions such as wind, hail and rain, but that it complements your home’s design. Give the team at Triangle Roofing Company a call at 602-The-Roof to discuss your roofing requirements today!

Roofing Repairs and Restorations.

We provide a wide range of repairs, restorations and replacements for commercial and residential properties. Whether it is traditional 3-Tab asphalt, architectural, custom cedar shingle or shake,foam, elastomeric coating or creatively designed copper accents, as your roofing contractor we will work with you to cover your investment with function and quality that will protect and inspire.

Our roofing contractor in Phoenix services include:

Cedar shingles and shakes replacement or repairs

Complete renovations and restorations

New and existing roofs for commercial and residential property

Roofing contractor in Phoenix inspection

Chimney re-flashing and repairs

Commercial and Residential

Not only do we repair and restore roofs to homeowners across the Phoenix area but we can also repair and replace roofs to commercial buildings as well as churches and other structures as well. As business owners ourselves, we know how important your commercial building is.

The look of your commercial property says a lot about your business to your clients and customers. Furthermore, it also stocks and holds your materials and other business needs which is why it is critical that your roof can withstand the pressure and is built to last.

Whatever you’re looking for there is a wide range of options from a roofing contractor in Phoenix. Various colors and material types to different brands and styles. Let our team help you determine the right roofing material to use on your roof.

Customer Testimonial:

“Just wanted to let you know how well we were satisfied with the new roof installation on Tuesday! The workers worked constantly, got the old roof removed and cleaned up and the new roof down remarkably fast, in less than 5 hours. When the installation was completed, they got the grounds cleaned up very well, got our Dish antenna reinstalled just the way it was.”


Don Ramsey
Deeg Pond Homeowner

Phoenix Hail Damage

One of the biggest complications a roofing contractor in Phoenix faces is storm damage to their roof. Large hail, ice, wind and even heavy rain can damage your shingles and cause leaking and other complications and problems to your home. Our Phoenix Hail Damage experts are here to help.

Serious storms can even result in missing shingles and broken roofs. Whether you have faced serious roofing damage or are concerned about minor shingle damage, we can inspect your roof in a timely and efficient manner and ensure that your home remains protected.

We have helped countless homeowners facing hail, rain or water damage and can give you the most accurate inspection and quote.

Contact Triangle Roofing Companies;

As a fully licensed and insured contractor you can be rest assured that your roof is in good hands. We offer only the highest quality materials and all of our staff are fully licensed and experienced. We remain active and informed in the industry with new and emerging products and applications.

You will not only be happy with the service we provide, but you will also happy with our pricing, our professionalism and our quality. This is our promise to you.

Contact the team at Triangle Roofing Companies today at 602-The-Roof and see the difference quality can make to your home or business

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As a leading Roofing Contractor in Phoenix Triangle Roofing Companies knows how important your roofing contractor is to your home or commercial building. A leaking roof can result in damage throughout your roof.

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