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All of us at Triangle Roofing Company in Scottsdale, we are a dedicated contractor providing you with an outstanding resource for all information related to flat and pitched roofing. We are a company with extensive knowledge base that we are confident will be extremely valuable to anyone who may be considering roof replacement or repair on your home or business.

We have extensive contractor expertise in the Scottsdale roofing market, as well as many contacts in the roofing industry that we can bring to bear for you. We can also provide you with valuable assistance in finding a Scottsdale roofing contractor or in the Phoenix area and even obtain your free quote on roof repair from Triangle Roofing. This saves your time and money in the long run.

At Triangle of Scottsdale we fully understand all the implications associated with your roof repair or re-coat. Elastomeric re-coating your flat roof can be the single most important aspect of maintaining your home or company. Therefore, it is crucial that you be fully educated on what to expect when searching for your contractor, as well as all of the significant steps of the actual company’s repair/replacement process.

Our mission is to provide you with the knowledge and information that you need to make informed choices and decisions. Our site will be consistently packed with informative articles related to your needs:

Scottsdale material selection. How to select the best material for your tile underlayment.

Basics of roof repair. What are the important steps involved in roof repair?

Understanding local roofing contractors estimates. How to identify the important components of any estimate.

Roofing company’s news and trends. We take great care to ensure that our knowledge base is always current, relevant, and meaningful.

Green Roofer. We can help with the selection of roofing material that is environmentally friendly, information on solar technology and how green roofing can equal savings.

Once again, welcome to our site! We look forward to serving you in the manner that you deserve! Dial 602-The-Roof

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Your Scottsdale roof repair company Triangle Roofing contractor is at your service here in Scottsdale, Arizona. Providing elastomeric re-coats for flat roofs, tile roof underlayment replacement on pitched roofs.

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