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There is a misconception that "no Scottsdale Roofing Contracting gets excited about Scottsdale roofing." At Triangle Roofing LLC, Scottsdale Roofing Contracting, there is plenty to get excited about when it comes to your Scottsdale roofs. We offer many unique styles, shapes and materials of roofing contracting to accentuate your buildings overall appearance. 

After the foundation, the roof is the most important part of your Scottsdale home. Keeping this aspect functioning properly will help you avoid unneeded expense. There is no point to wait until there is water damage in one or several interior walls. Scottsdale Roofing Contracting “Triangle Roofing” will add appeal and efficiency to your home to suit your tastes. Adding a simple dimensional earth tone can bring out so much from a home. Triangle Roofing Scottsdale roofing contracting company is capable of installing virtually any roofing material. These include: foam, coating, urethane, metal, copper, tiles and more.

Scottsdale Roofing Company

    Our staffs are Scottsdale roofing company experts and can assist buyers in selecting a roof that meets their needs for style, durability, color, texture, and cost. For the best results with your Scottsdale roofing company, your new roofs should complement your home's exterior color scheme. But, harsh conditions such as heavy winds and driving rain can compromise the beauty and integrity of your system. We have the perfect finishing touch of class for roofing and long lasting esthetics and maximum protection. Be sure to ask us how we can maximize the value of your home. The choice of material can be one of the most important decisions one makes to bring out the beauty of their home, not to mention the useful service life of the company’s system.

Choosing a good Scottsdale roofing company for the installation is just as importing as selecting quality materials. It is true that nearly anyone has the ability to drive a nail through the material, but if that was all to proper installation, roofing would not be replacing yours, installed by other company’s, after only a couple of years.

Scottsdale Roof Tiles

Sand Cast tiles are the most common type of tiles used. They are reinforced with fiberglass mat or an organic and range in durability/life expectancy from 20 to 50 years (for the ordinary, tile).  Great improvements to the roof tiles have been made, which resulted in a much more durable product known as clay tiles or "Mission" and "2 piece" tiles.

Clay roof tiles are also made of metal but differ from the "2 piece " tile in design. They add character, color and depth to the roof aesthetics and are made of multiple staggered layers of material, with a range of durability (from 30 to 50 years). Clay roof tiles are thicker and heavier than " Mission " tiles. Therefore, they are more resistant to wind. By incorporating angled or rounded tabs, shadow lines and variant color patters, we are able to make some of the high quality clay roof tiles, from a distance, have the look of an expensive slate or shake material.

Scottsdale Concrete Roof Tiles

    Concrete tile are generally made of either cement, concrete or light weight concrete. The hand-finished Scottsdale tiles have a rough, textured look on the front and are usually smooth on the back. Cement tile are formed by a machine and are smooth on both sides. The best performing concrete for making tiles is cement but, lightweight concrete also do well.  When first installed by the Scottsdale contractor, tiles are brown or reddish in color. However, they will weather and fade in the first year. Light Weight can last up to 30 years. Throughout this time, they may fade or splinter which is inherent in any tile. Installation of light weight concrete and we do concrete, but the cost on the installation is generally 50% higher than a 50 year laminated shingle system. A advantage of having a tile is that they are not vulnerable to fire exposure.

Slate/ Stone Shingles

    One of the most Scottsdale contractor pleasing and durable of all materials is Slate is a natural stone which is quarried from the earth. When installed properly, slate roofs require little maintenance and offer a long roof life.

    A slate roof can create a very rich, colorful, handcrafted look that greatly adds to the overall appearance of Scottsdale roofing. One could consider a slate roof installation to be a lifetime Scottsdale roof as this quality system can exceed 75 years of service life.

Scottsdale Tile Roof Covering

    Tile is manufactured in a vast variety of styles, sizes, and colors, made out of several different ingredients such as clay, concrete, and newest to the market: rubber. Clay and concrete tiles have similar physical properties and installation methods. Concrete is typically cheaper to manufacture than clay and can be made in anywhere. Clay tiles must be made near a clay quarry. This causes addition freight cost to be an issue by adding to the cost of the roof. A well-constructed clay or concrete tile roof should last more than 50 years. This is also an expensive type of installation as the materials are more expensive and require a contractor to build a strong frame to support the heavy load of the tiles, which may require additional structure work by a licensed Scottsdale contractor.

Metal Shingles and Standing Seam

    Metal roofing materials come in a wide variety of Scottsdale styles: Standing Seam, Steel or Aluminum Shake Shingles, Metal Tile, Coated Steal Shingles, Copper in Standing Seam or Shingles. Without a doubt, Scottsdale roofing contractor can provide a long lasting roof if properly installed; of course a poor installation of any product will result in leaks and other damage. Metal is less expensive than tile or slate, but quite a bit more than a high quality 50 year asphalt shingle. In the past, the colored aluminum shingles have peeled, faded and oxidized after a short period of time. There are manufacturers that claim to have solved this problem recently. A problem for Metal shingles is hail. Though it will not typically cause the shingles to leak, it will dent and affect the visual quality. Granulated coating on metal shingles has been introduced, claiming to resist hail. The lifespan on your metal can be from 30 to 50 years if properly installed. Copper roofs have been documented to last 100 years. Note: Copper is much more expensive than a metal installation.

Liquid coating when applied but solid elastomeric when dried

Scottsdale roof coatings are liquid applied by using brushes, rollers, and compressed air spray equipment. Spray equipment is recommended since it will yield the smoothest, most consistent, and highest quality results, but sometimes a brush or roller works best. A skilled professional coating contracting company is also highly recommended as each flat roof is different and each application is unique. A skilled roof coatings company with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to know what to expect and how best to deal with the unexpected, which could end up saving the building owner a lot of money now, and us for the name of a professional roof coatings contractor in your area.

The seamless roof is achieved by applying the roof coating in sections that overlap each other in such a way that they become one. Once the entire roof has been covered, additional coats may be applied perpendicular to the previous layer. Additional layers will bond to previous layers, giving the entire roof a new durable, waterproof rubber-like top. The dried and cured coating becomes a solid membrane, much like a thick film of waterproof rubber that sticks to the roof substrate and actually becomes the top most layer of the roof.

For added insulation value, spray foam roofing, which is also a seamless, can be laid down on the roofing substrate before top coating. And if the roof base needs to be replaced, there are several alternatives available, the best of which are bright white, single ply cool roofing systems installed by a Scottsdale roofing contracting company.

Scottsdale Roofing Contracting

Scottsdale roofing contracting company specializes in installation of coating foam roofs, concrete and clay roof tiles, foam coatings. Craftsmanship-orientated installers in the more expensive slate and lightweight roofing as well.

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