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As premier Arizona roofing contractors were committed to be the leader in the industry. Certainly recognized as a fully licensed independent roofing contractors serving Arizona statewide. We have been installing quality materials for your shingle, metal, tile, copper, foam and roof coating systems since 1993

Our Arizona style shingle, metal, tile, copper, foam and roof coatings, are engineered for integrity and longevity has proven this AZ roofing contractors most popular residential and commercial roof systems. Getting maximum protection should help you when selecting your local roofing contractors.

A simply trained Phoenix roofing contractors with twenty years of experience that you can count on for years and years. This is why insurance agents recommend us for your roof storm-damage. Whither it’s your new construction, replacement or a simple roof repair with our proven line of roof restoration systems.

This is our mission directly from our headquarters. Craftsmanship-oriented roofers ensure outstanding performance through highly skilled personnel. Using our technologically advanced techniques may help make us your roofing contractors for years to come.

Our goal is to provide superior service to our clients when installing your, your friends, your relatives and your neighbors roof system. Triangle Roofing Contractors will demonstrate pride in all areas of our endeavor as we strive to be your statewide independent roofing contractors.

You can be assured our entire staff will foster the highest standards of roofing contractors ethics, integrity, honesty, and professionalism in order to serve and strengthen the Arizona roofing contractors industry, community, and country.

Included for your residential and/or commercial business, is our free annual roofing contractors maintenance inspection will show our commitment to earn your roofing business as you move and grow around Arizona.

We are highly reviewed commercial roofing contractors (Tom Darlington Center Carefree, AZ), Restaurants (Horny Toad Cave Creek, AZ),  Colleges (ASU Tempe, AZ) Hospitals (Virginia South Phoenix, AZ) Industrial (Airpark Scottsdale, AZ), Government (Luke Air Force Base Glendale, AZ), Resorts (Montelucia Paradise Valley, AZ) Retail Stores (Dominion Plaza Fountain Hills, AZ), Hotels (Comfort Inn and Suite Prescott Valley, AZ) with statewide projects.

With our reviews and award winning systems as residential roofing contractors serving valley wide for your local Phoenix roofing in Carefree, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Rio Verde, Scottsdale and Tempe etc.

Triangle Roof Company Phoenix, Arizona Roofing Contractors License Roc#0219242 and Bonded

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  19. Bullet85025

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Triangle Roofing Company’s proven with integrity and longevity as a fully licensed Arizona roofing contractor. We are a highly referred premier shingle, metal, tile, copper, foam and roof coating contractor serving Arizona Statewide.




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