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Toughest Arizona Roof Leak and How to Find Them.

Most people cannot imagine how tough it can be to locate a roof leak in an Arizona roof system. From the expansion and contraction we get from our temperature fluctuation here valley wide in Phoenix. Watch any old cartoon and the culprit is immediately apparent a simple hole, occasionally big enough to stick your finger in. Not so with most leaks in the real world. Most such problems only become apparent after the leak has flowed, hugged soaked and spread its way across countless building materials long before it manifest to the interior. That means the spot where your ceiling is leaking can be dozens of horizontal feet from the original source of the roof leak, with much of that path hidden inside walls and casings. During the repair make sure you more than cover the area to contain the mold spores.

If you have ever tried to head up into the attic to locate your roof leak in the Phoenix metro area, you probably encountered a common problem. Attics can reach 180+ in the peak heat in Arizona. Although many such roofing leaks occur within the field of tiles or metal roof, many leaks hide in places you simply cannot find from inside the house. Many of the toughest leaks include flashings, those architectural features designed to join roofing to the other parts of your structural. Of course they may also be located within a foam or roof coating system, making them much easier to locate.

The good news with an Arizona commercial roof leak is that water is a substance without intent or cognition, meaning you can usually make sense of its path with a little rudimentary thought. Follow the grade of gravity and try to imagine where it will flow and it’s often easier than you think to backtrack from a visible leak source. As a Arizona roofing contractor we recommend paying careful attention to rafters and exposed pipes coming though the roof as well, as any of these can carry water significant distances without appearing wet to the untrained eye. A little detective work can go a long way to toward better-informed predictions, saving you considerable time and frustration in the process.

Your Phoenix residential roof leak can also be inferred a number of ways. If you live in the metro Phoenix area with sporadic rain, lengthy dry periods may actually provide an excellent opportunity to look for the telltale signs of discoloration that may indicate mildew. Darkened ceiling tiles, moldy corners and damp insulation may remain for weeks following a significant storm, offering you something like a roadmap to the source of the leak. You may also want to pay particular attention to material intersections such as dormers that may be hiding conduits for water just out of sight.

The most reliable way to locate a leak is also the most intuitive – with water. Checking during a storm will do little to isolate the roof leak or leaks you have, but you may be able to mimic the roof leak with a simple garden hose. Secure yourself safely and be sure to wear proper apparel for this kind of experiment. Use caution many roofing materials are often designed expressly to grow slick with rain. Start at the outer edges of your roof and be systematic about the order in which you provide coverage. The last thing you want to do is point the water toward the roof’s apex, as gravity will quickly render that experiment useless! You will now have several leaks. Move up slowly and in sections, being careful to give each test time to seep into your home.

Barring the effects of major storm damage, your most likely culprit will be the flashings. These come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and functions, with different designs and materials dedicated to each type of intersection. Although plumbing vent flashings are the most common source of a leak, you may be able to make further progress with a close examination of the furnace flashings and wall step flashings as well. It’s not uncommon for old leak repairs or poor craftsmanship to leave such openings unprotected from the elements, creating the perfect conditions for a chronic and mysterious leak.

The good news is that a local roofing company can repair most leaks quickly and inexpensively. Depending on the source of the problem and how much you want to spend, nearly every leak can be plugged, patched or flashed in a matter of minutes on foam and coating roofs. Most roofers recommend removing the shingles, tile and metal roofs down to the underlayment prior to your water test. Check with the hose or wait until the next rain, and you may be astonished to discover how flawlessly such piecemeal measures work. That said, if the leak lies in the field it self and seems to be occurring with increasing frequency, it may be time to have your roofing contractor check it out for a better sense of your options.

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