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Phoenix Roof Remodeling

A new approach to your Phoenix roof remodeling, may require permits on some restorations projects. This process, with more up-front planning and coordination to capture opportunities that are often missed on a most conventional Phoenix roof remodeling projects. This includes expanding your list of objectives as well as the way you compare the price of “products” and proven roofing systems, by taking wide-angle and long-term views of decisions. It also means being willing to invest time and energy to find solutions that best fit your roof needs. And finally, it means approaching your roof remodeling project with health and safety at the forefront. This advance planning pays large dividends in terms of long-term satisfaction with your project and life cycle cost containment. Don’t forget to use your Phoenix tax incentives...

Roof Remodeling Products

Compare different roof remodeling products and designs by evaluating your roof remodeling choices with an established set of criteria. Beyond basic affordability and physical requirements (factors such as slope and your roof load capacity), consider these additional elements:

Health & Safety

Are all your materials non-toxic? Will they require toxic products for maintenance? Does the design meet Phoenix code and product choice reduce the potential for slips and other injuries during your yearly roof maintenance?

Will the correct product and design result in less work over time? Are your products easy to clean without chemicals? Does the design discourage debris accumulation and leaks from wind-driven rain?

Durable Products


Do your  products stand up to use over time? Are your warranties long and comprehensive, covering materials and installation? Does your design and materials mesh with the era of your home? Look for extreme weather exclusions if so then this is not considered a eco friendly product...

Ecological Benefit

Do your products protect water quality? Consider current and potential uses for rainwater such as landscape watering. Will the materials you’re considering allow for this natural recycling? Do your products reduce or avoid environmental harm during their production, use and disposal? Are they made from recycled, responsibly mined or harvested, renewable and/or local materials? Are your products themselves reusable or recyclable? The most effective eco friendly products are the products with the longest life cycle. This reduces the the recycling process.

Phoenix Roofing Life Cycle

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Triangle Roofing Company’s guide serves as a starting point for your Phoenix remodel research. Remember, every decision you make regarding your Phoenix roof remodel can help improve your structures performance for the entire Phoenix environment.

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